About Air Hockey Nerds

Air Hockey Nerds was created by two brothers, Ross and Joe, who grew up playing table games. Whether it was air hockey, pong pong, foosball, or even bubble hockey the brothers spent hours competing and practicing with each other.

As the brothers got older, life and family quickly got in the way. They had both moved away from home and left their home setup and favorite arcades behind.

One day, the brothers were helping their parents move house and saw their old air hockey table in the basement. It was all covered with dust, but still fully operational. They decided to play a few games and before they knew it, hours had past by. It was the most fun they both had in years!

They both went out to dinner that night and discussed how much of a shame it was that modern kids didn’t get to experience table games.

That’s when they had a light-bulb moment. They decided to create Air Hockey Nerds!

Air Hockey Nerd’s mission is to bring back table games back into the lives of children and adults.

We’re so happy you decided to pay us a visit. If you love table games, help us spread the word!