Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo – Top 3 Options

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Air hockey and ping pong are two of the fastest and most fun table games. If you're making a home game room, missing out on either one would leave the place just a little bit incomplete. Luckily, there are plenty of solid air hockey and ping pong combo tables on the market which can serve both functions without taking up extra space or forcing you to make two separate purchases.

GLD Products Fat Cat Triple Threat 3 in 1 32 Multi Game Table

On a personal note: Growing up, my friends and I spent hours in our basement rotating between ping pong, air hockey, and pool. This was around the time when cell phones were in their infancy, but we didn't have any service in the basement anyway. To this day, these are some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood and teenage years. I'm literally getting choked up just writing about it. While I love technology, I wouldn't trade these memories for time spent scrolling through my phone or even playing video games.

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Anyway, if you don't have time to read this entire article, here's a short summary of each table we picked, why we picked it, as well as where you can find it online:

Table Name

Why We Picked It

Where To Buy

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Table

Delivers the most value in terms of versatility and quality of play.

Includes extra billiards function in addition to air hockey and table tennis.

NHL Power Play 

air hockey table

An alternative to the Fat Cat Pockey which only comes with the two games (ping pong and air hockey). Has some extra air hockey features such as LED scoring.

Giantex Tabletop

Ideal for kids, a versatile  mini tabletop version with air hockey, ping pong, and billiards. However, doesn't actually have air!

How We Picked These Tables

We've made this list based on hours of research combined with our countless hours of experience in the table game business. While we always say that commercial-grade air hockey tables are the absolute best, we didn't include any such tables on this list. The main reason is because none of them are made for supporting 2+ games. The other reason is because many of them simply aren't affordable.

We've selected these products with the intention of giving you the best experience of both games.

Top 3 Air Hockey Ping Pong Combo Tables

1. Fat Cat "Pockey" 7-FT 3-in-1 Table

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Green 7' Pockey Multi-Game Table - Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis - Green

The Games & How They Work

The Fat Cat Pockey made by GLD products supports three games: Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Billiards. Game switching works in one of two ways: Starting from billiards, the user simply needs to unlatch the locks on each side of the table. Then, the table has the ability to rotate all the way around. Once the table is completely over with the air hockey showing, simply lock it up again. 

The power cord of the table is designed to not get yanked out during this process. It's attached to a spindle to prevent damage.

The table tennis portion is actually three separate pieces that you mount onto the pool table. All you really need to do is slide them on and then attach the net. Easy peasy!


Once assembled, this table measures 80" x 44" x 32" (L x W x H). For the sake of comparison, a commercial sized air hockey table measures around 99" x 51" (L x W) and professional ping pong table is 108" x 60" (L x W).


As far as sizing, versatility, and overall game-play, we think this is the best multi-game table on the market. It's easy to switch between games and version of the game is pretty close to the "real" thing. By real, we mean a full sized table designed specifically for that game.


You're still not getting the full-sized experience for ping pong or air hockey. We think it's less of a big deal for ping pong, because you're still practicing the fundamentals of the game and working on your hand-eye coordination. However, while the air hockey will still be tons of fun (even for adults), it's not the same as playing with a professionally sanctioned puck on a full-sized table.

This isn't a deal breaker by any means, especially if you're not extremely serious about any of the games and want something just for fun.


Video of the assembly and of the Pockey in action!

Final Words

This is one of the few multi-game tables that can be enjoyed by kids and adults for years to come. It's not too big, not too small, and generally pretty affordable for everything that you get.

That's why it's first on our list!

2. NHL Power Play with Table Tennis Top

Hockey + TT Table White

The Games & How They Work

Made by Eastpoint Sports, this table is limited to the two games that we're focused on for this article: air hockey and table tennis. It's basically just a standard air hockey table on which you can place the ping pong board right on top (after placing down the protector in the middle to prevent scratching). The table tennis top also has three portions to it for easy storage. Overall, it's a simple design without any of the fancy flipping like the Fat Cat Pockey has.


Very similar to the Fat Cat, this table measures 80" x 43" x 32" (L x W x H). Again, this is a fair bit smaller then regulation size for both air hockey and ping pong, but a decent sized table nonetheless that adults and kids can enjoy.


The NHL Power Play brings a bit more to the table (get it?) in terms of air hockey than does the Fat Cat. On each side, there's an LED scoring panel which eliminates the need for manually keeping score. It's great for keeping the flow of the game uninterrupted. It's also really professional looking with much sleeker air hockey visuals.

This is not to say that the technical experience is going to be drastically different, but it's just got some extra features to make the game a bit more immersive. 

Both the Powerplay and the Pockey are going to be the closest you can get to full-sized air hockey and ping pong without getting a dedicated table.


If you read what we didn't like about the Fat Cat, then this is going to seem pretty repetitive. But we'll say it again!

Because these tables are not commercial-grade air hockey or ping pong tables, each of these games is going to be slightly downgraded. 

Is it enough for a family game room? Absolutely.

But aspiring competitors at either table sport are going to want a table that's regulation size.


Action video of the NHL Power Play

Assembly of the NHL Power Play

Final Words

If you're stuck between the this table and the Fat Cat we have one piece of advice: simply go with the one that's lower priced at the time. That is, if you only care about air hockey and table tennis, then either one is going to give you a similar experience. If it turns out that the Fat Cat is the better deal, great! If not, make the final judgement call on if you're willing to pay extra for billiards.

3. Giantex Tabletop Multi-Game Table

Giantex Multi Game Table Pool Hockey Foosball Table Tennis Billiard Combination Game Table (3 in 1)

The Games & How They Work

The Giantex supports three games: Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Billiards. There's nothing magical about how it functions as it simply works by stacking the games on top of one another. The mini billiards table is the base of the entire thing. If you want to play the other games, you simply place them on top of the billiards table.

It's important to note that this option is mainly for kids. It can also probably work well as fun little tabletop office game, but isn't going to provide any long term entertainment value for adults.


This cute little tabletop game measures at 36" x 20 x 7.8" (Lx W x H). This is around one third of the size of a professional air hockey and ping pong table. It can fit on top of most tables, but it's also pretty easy to play on a comfy floor. This is especially true for little ones who are already close to the ground when they're sitting.


This main perks of this table is that it's easy and convenient. You don't have to worry about a long-winded assembly or a truck shipment to your house. If you're looking for an affordable option skid's birthday present then this is a great option.


Once player's start approaching their young teenage years, this table is going to become less fun for them. If they really like to play then this table is going to have to be replaced with a more full-sized version.

Also, there's no actual air in the air hockey. While the fundamentals of the game of the same, it's a far cry from the smooth experience you'd get in an arcade.

Final Words

What's great about this table is that it gives kids a chance to get a chance to discover what their favorite table game actually is. Once they reach a certain age where they can play on a full sized table, you can simply toss this one up on Craigslist and not have to worry about getting it out of the house.

Although we always recommend a single, dedicated, and full-sized table for the best experience, it isn't a bad idea to test out the waters first.

Wrap Up

Whichever table you choose, we really hope that it brings you and/or your kids joy for years to come. Air hockey and ping pong are two of the few non-digital games that can compete in a digital world. Unlike many digital games though, they both encourage skill development and work to sharpen hand-eye coordination.

Again, if you’re getting a table for the long term, then we’d recommend going with The Fat Cat. The additional option for billiards and handy storage system make it the best table for air hockey and ping pong.