Best Air Hockey Pucks to Buy

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Looking to find the best air hockey puck for your table? You're in the right place. As true air hockey enthusiasts, we've got helpful recommendations based on your table size.

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In this guide, you should expect to learn...

  • Why the weight and size of the puck matter.
  • Which pucks we recommend for large tables.
  • Which pucks you can use on small tables.

Let's begin!

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Why Weight & Size Matter

Having the right puck for your table is critical. If you have a puck that's too heavy, the blowers won't be able to reduce the friction enough and you'll have an extremely slow game at best. At worst, the puck won't be able to slide at all.

If you have a puck that's too light, it's going to be constantly flying off of the table. This occurs when the power of the blowers on the table goes beyond the pucks they were designed for. It could also be an issue if you've got mallets or goalies that are too heavy.

Although size and weight are going to be reflective of each other, having the right size is important for different reasons. For example, the wrong size simply may not in the goal. On the flip side, if the puck is too small for the table and mallets, scoring is going to be far too easy.

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What Pucks Do Professionals Use?

Professional rules for air hockey are very specific when it comes to puck size. While the official rules state that a puck must be "exactly" 3.5 inches in diameter, all of the full-sized replacement pucks by the professional air hockey tables are 3 1/4 inches in diameter. 

This doesn't mean that you should always use these pucks. We'll explain why professional pucks only work for certain tables, namely those with top quality blowers.

Large Puck Recommendations

If you’ve got a full-sized commercial table then there’s really only one choice. These large green pucks by Dynamo make the ideal replacement for an arcade-quality table. If you already have a Dynamo table this is going to be a no-brainer, but it could also work if you’ve got a table from Gold Standard Games or a full-sized unit from Brunswick. At around 40 grams, these pucks require the top-tier blowers to slide properly.

In the event that you’ve got a pretty big table (7-feet in length or above), then These smaller 2.5-inch pucks by Dynamo are definitely worth checking out. Because they’re a bit lighter, they don’t need as strong of blowers as the ones above. If you bought a large table and the pucks that came with it are constantly flying off of the table, then you should give these a try. Because this puck weighs around 18.5 grams, around half the weight of the bigger Dynamos, you can get away with having a less-than commercial blowers.

So what if your tables blowers are just too weak to support pucks this heavy? Or what if you just want replacements similar to the pucks that they came with?

In this case, we would recommend trying some of the cheaper-made generic red pucks. 

Check out this bulk pack for the full sized pucks or this one for the smaller 2.5-inch pucks. The smaller ones are around 13 grams which gives you even more wiggle room for a low powered blower.

Quiet Air Hockey Pucks

For true air hockey fanatics, games can rage all through the late hours of the night. If you've got other people sleeping in our house or live in an apartment with thin walls, this could be an issue. The "clack" sound of the bouncing pucks can easily wake someone out of a dead sleep and cause grounds for your neighbors or family members to complain.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then we've got the perfect solution. Dynamo makes rubber coated muffled pucks which provides the same level of game play without the loud sounds.

These quite pucks come in two options
3.25 inches in diameter as well as the smaller 2.5 inch pucks

Small Puck Recommendations

If you've got a standard sized children's table (usually around 45" long or less), than odds are you'll need a smaller puck. The ones we've mentioned above are going to take up a large amount of room on the table and are going to be incredibly hard to strike with the mini-mallets that came with the table.

This pack of 2-inch pucks is designed specifically for playing on small/kids tables.

Your Experience

If you've tried any of these pucks with your air hockey table we'd love to know about it. Please tell us the puck you tried, as well as the exact table you have, in the comments section. Because there are so many tables out there, we kept this guide focused on the basics of puck selection.

Your personal experience might be greatly valuable to other players. We look forward to hearing from you!

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