Harvil 4-Foot Standing Air Hockey Table: Review & Comparison

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The Harvil 4-Foot Standing Air Hockey Table is among the most popular units on the market right now. Because most adults are buying air hockey tables for their kids rather than themselves, they're looking towards smaller options like the Harvil 4-Foot.

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But how does it actually work and measure up against the competition? Who is it good for and what are the important features/functions you should be thinking about?

In this review and comparison, we'll cover everything you need to know about this popular table. We'll also give you an alternative to check out if you need something with a bit more flexibility in terms of storage.

What Are The Assembled Dimensions and Weight?

Once fully assembled, this table measures 48" x 24" x 31" (LWH). The actual play surface of the table once you don't consider the edges, measures 47" x 23".

Does It Actually Have a Blower?

Yes! Unlike many other small air hockey tables, this one actually comes with a blower. It's not just a glorified version of knock hockey with air hockey mallets. The fan is simply powered by plugging it into the wall.

What Age Is It Good For?

Because of it's smaller size, we'd recommend this table for kids ages 7 to 11. Once they start growing, the table is going to be a bit too small for them. That's not to say that they can't have any fun playing on it, but it would be better if they had a large air hockey table where they can really go at it. Once they hit 13+, it's likely that they'll lose interest unless they're playing with a younger family member.

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Is It Difficult to Assemble?

Most people should have a pretty easy time assembling this table. From user feedback that we've seen, people typically don't even need to use the instructions. While we recommend you actually do follow them, it goes to show how easy it is. 

Assembly of this table comes down to a six basic steps:

  • Attaching all four legs to the table
  • Attaching the leg panels to the legs
  • Putting the leg levelers onto the legs
  • Attach the goal to each end of the table
  • Attaching the sensor to the electronic scoreboard

With only three different sets of screws included in the table, it really isn't that complex to assemble the whole thing quickly.

Does It Fold?

Unfortunately, this table does not fold. This is a good thing in terms of added stability, but a bad thing if you want something that you can store away. Luckily, we made this list of foldable air hockey tables if you absolutely need something you can stow away.

Can You Place It On Top of A Table?

It might be possible, but it's not really recommended. While there might be a way to hack it without assembling the legs, but there are plenty other of tabletop games that are actually designed to work in this manner.

Harvil actually makes a 40-inch tabletop version that comes with a blower and everything. If you want something that goes directly onto any table top, then this is a way better choice.

Does It Require Batteries?

As previously mentioned, the table itself actually plugs into the wall to power the fan (no batteries required). However, the electronic scoring unit does operate off two AAA batteries. The good news is that if you don't have any batteries, you can just use the manual scoring marker on each goal to keep track of the score.

Are There Any Major Issues?

The only real issue we could find with this table is that the electronic scoring can sometimes malfunction. By malfunction we mean that sometimes the scorer will register two points for one goal and other times it won't register anything. While this might be kind of annoying, hopefully it won't happen to you, but in the event that it does, the back up scoring option can suffice.

How Does It Compare?

When we compared the Harvil 4 Foot with other similar-sized tables on the market, it came out really close to the top. In fact, we couldn't even find many tables at all that were drastically better or different in any way that it would be worth talking about.

While it doesn't come close to comparing to a full-sized luxury table, you can't really ask for anything better for the price and size.

However, there is one alternative that we recommend you check out: This MD Sports Foldable Table. It’s got basically everything that the Harvil has, but with folding legs. If you want the extra storage or can simply find this table at a lower price when you’re ready to purchase, then we’d recommend it just as much. 

Our Final Recommendation

If a small table for kids is what you're looking for, than we would say that this table is a great choice. It's one of the few tables of this size that aren't riddled with major issues and widespread customer complaints. The fact that it has air flow is a testament that the company is dedicated to delivering decent play-ability, even if the table is built for kids.

Because the amount of small air hockey tables on the market is so much larger than large and full-sized tables, it's easy to find many brands and models that come and go each year. However, this one has been around since at least late 2016 and is still going strong.