Most Popular Air Hockey Brands

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Wondering what are the most popular Air Hockey brands? If you want to buy a new Air Hockey table or Air Hockey Accessories from a trusted and reliable brand, you are on the right page. We take air hockey seriously and wanted to make sure you take informed decision. So, we thought summarizing the most popular brands for air hockey tables and accessories made sense. Ready?

Most popular air hockey brands for tables and accessories

Here is a quick list of the most popular air hockey table and accessory brands ranked alphabetically:

How did we pick these brands?

Criteria we considered

When summarizing our knowledge and research, we wanted to make sure the brands we list are known, available in North America, and reputable.

  • By Known, it was important all brands were known throughout the industry. They have years of experience manufacturing air hockey tables or accessories and are known to the key players.
  • These brands must be available in North America, especially in the United States and Canada, where most air hockey players are, and where air hockey originated. These brands can be seen or purchased from air hockey enthusiast, to add to our homes.
  • And by Reputable, it was important to us that the companies are known for making or selling high-quality products as well as for offering great value to customers and great support.


In this research, we excluded smaller shops and manufacturers that don’t have a national or international reach. For example, you might be aware of a great local manufacturer but due to a limited geographical reach, we decided to exclude them for now. Nevertheless, we know there are great air hockey and game room manufacturers out there.

Also, if you are looking for a wholesale manufacturer located overseas, this guide won’t feature them.

Let’s get to it!

Air Hockey Table Brands

Barron Games International

Category: Large/Advanced level Table

Located in Cheektowaga, New York, Barron Games designs and manufactures air hockey, foosball tables as well as other amusement games. They specialize in customizing amusement games for the arcade room. With wordwide reach, they are a true industry leader in providing the amusement market with high-quality, entertaining, and profitable games.

Note: While they make great quality products with features such as customization and coin-ready machines, we believe they are perfectly suited for businesses, but they might not be the best option for your household budget and needs.


Berner Billiards

Category: Large/Advanced level Table

Located in Coconut Creek, Florida, Berner Billiards manufactures fine game room furniture and home recreation products since 1892. From pool tables to shuffleboard, this fourth generation, family owned and operated business can furnish your entire game room.

Note:: In spite of providing fine game room furniture, they do not sell products directly to consumers

All air hockey tables they offer are large tables for advanced players. If that's what you are looking for, read our 7-foot and 8-foot air hockey table review. 


Blue Wave Products

Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table

Based out of Batavia, Illinois, Blue Wave Products primarily manufactures and distributes in the Pool and Home Leisure industry. Founded over 10 years ago as a pool chemical company, Blue Wave Products expanded to swimming-pool accessories and to unique brands of in-home table games (such as Hathaway for air hockey) and saunas.

For more details about Hathaway air hockey tables, read the next section.



Category: Large/Advanced level Table

Founded by John Moses Brunswick more than 170 years ago, Brunswick started as a Billiard manufacturer, and now offers air hockey tables, foosball tables, and ping pong tables, among others. Brunswick is known to make superior quality tables blending superior craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Read our article about large Air Hockey tables featuring Brunswick.


Hathaway Games & Sports

Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table + air hockey accessories

Over the past decade, Hathaway Games and Sports (company of Blue Wave Products) is known as one of the fastest growing brand of game room products in the industry. Their secret? They manufacture and sell to many major online retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target or Amazon. Hathaway sells sporting and recreational gaming equipment such as darts, pool, air hockey (see our review of Hathaway air hockey table and accessories), arcade, and shuffleboard.

Other Air Hockey products they offer includes pucks, table cover and, one of our favorite, an air hockey rules wall art.


Escalade Sports (American Legend and Harward)

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Escalade Sports manufactures consumer sporting goods and recreational products The company’s involvement in sporting goods spans nearly 100 years since its founding in 1927 as Indian Archery and Toy Company.

Today, Escalade Sports competes in a dozen categories including basketball, table tennis, archery, and, of course, air hockey under the brands Atomic and American Legend, which can both be found below.

American Legend

Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table

Owned by Escalade Sports, American Legend game tables are recognized for their quality and playability. Anyone from novice to discerning tournament level table hockey players enjoy using American Legend.


Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table

Owned by Escalade Sports, Harvard doesn’t manufacture tournament-level tables, but they’re a considerable option for home gaming.



Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table

Owned by Escalade Sports, Harvard doesn’t manufacture tournament-level tables, but they’re a considerable option for home gaming.


Gold Standard Games

Category: Large/Advanced level Table

Gold Standard Games, also known as Shelti, makes some of the top air hockey tables in the industry. They're one of the three brands which has a selection of their tables sanctioned by the USAA (United States Air Hockey Association) for professional tournament play. Their founder, Mark Robbins, is no stranger to the game. He's a passionate player himself and has won two world championships.

We wrote a full article on Gold Standard Games and their tables.


Franklin Sports

Category: Small/Kids level Tables

Franklin Sports started in 1946 as a brand of sporting goods products. Known for their battling glove, Franklin Sports also sells equipment from various sports such as baseball or soccer, and indoor and outdoor games.


Category: Small/Kids level and Medium/Advanced Tables

Founded in 1981, Great Lake Darts (GLD) is the company that owns and manufacturers the Fat Cat (read this article about our favorite Fat Cat table) and Viper Air Hockey table brands. GLD was established over 30 years ago and has been manufacturing and distributing their own lines of family gaming products throughout America. Their company roots started out as a darts manufacturer and has expanded into other products over the years. They now make darts, air hockey, table tennis, billiards, and home casino products.


Fat Cat

Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table

Fat Cat, owned by GLD, does a great job of making table games affordable and give more people the opportunity to bring the table game experience into their household, especially in a time that's dominated by digital entertainment. Fat Cat is the name to associate with family fun. 

You can read more about the company in this article about one of our favourite table, the fat-cat-pockey-3-in-1, or in this article about best air hockey ping pong combo table.

Viper Air Hockey

Category: Medium/Intermediate and large/advanced level Table

Viper® products are the flagship of GLD. They are the highest quality, top performing gaming equipment and tools. Just like its sister brand Fat Cat, the Viper brand brings affordable advanced looking tables to the world. One of their most popular air hockey tables, the Viper Vancouver is has a lot to offer for the keen air hockey enthusiast, at a very attractive price.



Category: Large/advanced level Table

Created in 1955, Imperial is a family owned business, that serves the leisure home market. They are one of the largest game room distributor in the US and also make their own line of pool and air hockey tables from real wood, with a attractive rustic/vintage look.


MD Sports

Category: Large/advanced level Table

MD Sports, also known as Medal Sports, is not a newbie in the air hockey industry.

First, they are famous for manufacturing the air hockey tables old at Costco and ESPN. Second, MD Sports creates all sorts of table games including billiards, foosball, basketball, and of course, air hockey. They're a brand that's geared towards the mass market and not necessarily towards professional or competitive air hockey. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just depends on what you're looking for. Many of their products, especially some of their multi-game tables deliver a lot of value.

For more details about MD Sports, you can read our MD Sports tables review and also have a look at the review of the costco air hockey table.

PlayCraft Sport

Category: Small/Kids level Table

PlayCraft is a great brand for smaller size air hockey table. Established more than forty years ago, they make table for people to enjoy and celebrate the importance of play in our lives.

Air Hockey Accessory Brands


Category: Air hockey accessories

Founded in 2005, Brybelly is an internet retailer of gaming products as well as diverse markets, including health and beauty, sporting goods, games and toys, even kitchen, camping and pet supplies. Brybelly sells paddles and interesting pucks for air hockey.

Hathaway Games & Sports

Category: Medium/Intermediate level Table + air hockey accessories

In addition to air hockey tables, Hathaway also makes accessories so we needed to add it here as well.

Dynamo (Valley-Dynamo)

Category: Medium/Intermediate and Large/Advanced level Table + air hockey accessories

Valley-Dynamo has a very interesting history marked by mergers and acquisition.

  • Valley - Since 1945, Valley® manufactures coin-operated pool table market.
  • Dynamo - Founded back in 1973 in Dallas, Texas by William Rickett, Dynamo entered the amusement game manufacturing industry by introducing foosball tables. After a short period of time and a great deal of success, Dynamo began building coin-operated pool tables and eventually coin operated Air Hockey tables.Dynamo sells an official sanctioned table of the United States Air Table Hockey Association (USAA), the Dynamo Prostyle Air Hockey.
  • Valley-Dynamo - Then, In 1998 Valley Recreation Products and Dynamo Corporation merged creating Valley-Dynamo.
  • Brunswick bought Valley-Dynamo L.P. in 2003. 
  • In 2009, Champion Shuffleboard bought Valley-Dynamo from Brunswick.
  • Finally, since 2012, all the brands came together under one roof in Richland Hills, TX to create the largest Billiard, Air Hockey, Foosball, Shuffleboard and accessories manufacturer in the world, Valley-Dynamo L.P.

Dynamo is the only air hockey brand of the Valley-Dynamo group and sells air hockey tables and accessories.